De 23 beste zwangerschapsgeschenken voor aanstaande moeders

1. BABYGO Birthing Ball

Ons oordeel: The UK's No.1 Birthing Ball, the highest quality thats ensures safety. The BABYGO Birthing Ball is the perfect present for pregnant ladies. This ball has many health benefits throughout & after pregnancy.

2. Mum-to-Be Bucketlist

Ons oordeel: From finding out your pregnant to writing your bith plan; we have it all. This expectant mother bucketlist will check off and have the date to remember your pregnancy journey for all the things you completed.

3. U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Ons oordeel: A U-Shaped Pillow can really take the edge off during pregnancy and often be a method of a good night's sleep. The Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow makes for The perfect comfort aid when laying down!

4. BABYGO Pregnancy Belt

Ons oordeel: Discomfort plays a big part of any pregnancy, so why not treat them with BABYGO's Pregnancy Belt & reduce the amount of discomfort they have to tolerate. Help a lady out and give them the support they need.

5. Lekebaby Baby Bag

Ons oordeel: This is a Gift not Many People Think of But This is a Must Have For Any Mother to be & Makes A Fantastic Pregnancy Gift For Mums-to-be.

6. A Little Mummy-to-Be Bracelet - Joma Jewellery

Ons oordeel: Let a mummy-to-be know just how special she is by giving them this dainty bracelet for the promotion of their new role in life, becoming a mum.

7. Baby Milestone Cards - Unisex

Ons oordeel: These adorable milestone cards are a perfect added accessory for that perfect "Happy 1 Month Little One" Instagram post to share.

8. Pregnancy Chalkboard

Ons oordeel: These have been around in pregnancy announcements for some time now, especially over on Instagram, but why not keep everyone on social media updated along your pregnancy journey?

9. BT Video Baby Monitor 6000

Ons oordeel: Something a Little More Premium, Idea Pregnancy Gifts From The GrandParents, Aunts & Uncles. The BT Baby Monitor Will be a Really Helpful For any Mum-to-be

10. Pampering Bath Gift Set

Ons oordeel: What lady does not want to feel beautiful? During pregnancy sometimes you can feel a little run down and all you need is a little pamper night with the other mummies to lift your spirits.

11. Funny Cosey Socks

Ons oordeel: Sometimes it is the smallest gifts that are the best, there is nothing like a comfortable pair of socks when pregnant. Alongside this present you should possibly think about buying someone to also put the socks on for them as it's a possibility their feet are out of reach.

12. Baby Caddy with 3 Compartments

Ons oordeel: Have everything a new mummy needs to hand with this seperated caddy to help make nappy changes much easier. Avoid the chase around the living room with your little one wriggling about and ahve both hands to get the job done.

13. Letters to My Baby

Ons oordeel: As a mother, you want to cherish your little one forever, so this way your lttle one has their own things to cherish as you write 12 individual letters for them to read at a later date. They can keep these as memories and will read them again and again.

14. Mum-to-Be Survival Kit

Ons oordeel: This might seem like a silly little present which will be seen as a joke but some mum's can often find the little items very useful and will find some purpose for that mint or hair bobble.

15. Busy B Pregnancy Journal - Week by Week

Ons oordeel: Track your pregnancy week by week, even the tough times, and enjoy looking back on the journey you've been through. This journal also has a section for the birth plan which can be helpful for new mums.

16. Ewan the Dream Sheep - White Noise Machine

Ons oordeel: As an expectant mother, you might not get much use out of this during your pregnancy but believe me, when your little one arrives, this will be a lifesaver. Or a sleepsaver should we say.

17. The Day By Day Pregnancy Book

Ons oordeel: If you are looking for the perfect gift for a newly announce mum-to-be, this book is a fantastic option & is massively helpful for new mums! This of this as a guide to this new mum life.

18. Pregnancy Bump Casting Kit

Ons oordeel: Your pregnancy bump can be a nuesance but once it's gone, we garauntee you'll miss it. Why not cherish it that bit later by making a cast of your baby belly and having the momory forever.

19. Bloom and Blossom Night Time Pillow Spray

Ons oordeel: Comes to something when you're having to use pillow spray to help you unwind, relax and sleep without interuption. But expectant mothers would love nothing more.

20. Babycare TENS Machine for Pregnancy Pains and Labour

Ons oordeel: Take the pain away with the gift of . TENS machine. Make pregnancy pains a distant memory and allow a woman to be excited for labour and not dread the experience.

21. Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials Kit

Ons oordeel: This kit can help provide you with the toold to ensure your skin is soft, glowy and stretch-mark free from top to toe. This can be used after pregnancy aswell to help with the appearance of your skin, especially your new mum-tum.

22. Baby Footprint & Handprint Photoframe

Ons oordeel: Babies tiny hands and feet are too cute to miss the oppurtunity of capturing the moment and keeping it as a memory forever. You can also add two heartwarming pictures of the little one which can be treasured by the new mum, as well as collect a little dust.

23. The Gro Company Room Thermometer

Ons oordeel: The GroEgg can be used as a handy room thermometer allowing mums to have peace of mind about their baby's sleeping conditions. The colour changing dome indicating the temperature a mum can rest easy knowing her little one isn't over heating or needing an extra blanket.